High Rigidity Body Structure Design

  • Extra wide column and base design to ensure best support and cutting rigidity.
  • High quality and rugged MEEHANITE® casting maintains optimum accuracy.

High Accuracy Axial Movement

  • Linear guideways adopted for fast and smooth axial movement.
  • Pre-tensioned ball screws with direct drive motors achieve high torque and low backlash.

YCM In-house A/C-axis Rotary Table

  • Rotary table surface leveled at the C-axis center to ensure machining accuracy and easy programming.
  • ø380 mm (ø14.96") table size with ø80 mm (ø3.15") table-through hole design.
  • 150˚( 30˚/ -120˚) A-axis tilting angle increases the ability of machining.
  • Hydraulic or pneumatic cable preparation. (Opt.)
  • A/C-axis Linear Encoder. (std.)
YCM In-house A/C-axis Rotary Table

Tool Magazine

  • 30T storage capacity is standard.
  • 40T/60T is servo driven. (opt.)
  • ATC tool door design is standard that prevents coolant and chips from entering tool magazine.

YCM In-house IDD PLUS Spindle

  • YCM self-manufactured IDD PLUS spindle.
  • Powerful 22 kW, 12,000 rpm spindle for hi-power, hi-speed machining.
  • Cooling system design on spindle motor seat, quill, and bearing offers most reliable machining capability.
  • BBT40 Spindle Design with spindle and taper dual surface contact ensures longer tool life, and exceptional cutting rigidity with high accuracy.
YCM In-house IDD PLUS Spindle

Advantages of 5-axis Machining

  • Enhance precision, quality and efficiency of 3D surface machining.
  • Reduce tool length and increase rigidity to obtain superior machining quality.
  • Cutting with the belly and edge of the tool to increase tool life.
  • Reduce fixture error and lessen workpiece loading/uploading time.
  • Saves manufacturing cost for fixture and electrode costs.
  • Reduces machining process, machining cost while improving productivity.
Advantages of 5-axis Machining

Automation Advantages

  • Increase productivity through unmanned machining.
  • Enhance quality and reliability of products.
  • Reduce non-cutting or change waiting time.
Automation Advantages


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