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NDC Series
Double Column Vertical Machining Center
NDC Series
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High Efficiency Double Column Machining Center

YCM NDC series is suitable for long workpiece machining. With high rigidity structural design, NDC series is best for machining applications such as large-scale castings, structural parts and semiconductor chamber components.

Work Table mm
X-axis Travel mm
Y-axis Travel mm
Z-axis Travel mm
Spindle Speed rpm
Spindle Taper
Spindle Power kW
Tool Magazine Capacity T
Machine Weight kg
NDC2016B NDC3016B NDC3018-AHC
2,000 x 1,500  3,000 x 1,500  3,000 x 1,500 
2,200  3,200  3,200 
1,600  1,600  2,200 
762  762  762 
GB: 6,000 (IDD: 10,000)  GB: 6,000 (IDD: 10,000)  6,000 (Vertical) / 4,000 (Horizontal) 
BBT50  BBT50  BBT50 
26 (22)  26 (22)  26 
32 (40 / 60)  32 (40 / 60)  40 (60) 
23,000  26,000  29,000 
● Standard;○ Selectivity;─ No More;★ Customize
Tool Kit
Work Lamp
Pilot Lamp
Safety Door
Rigid Tapping
Coolant Equipment System
Spindle Air Blast
Cutting Air Blast
Leveling Blocks and Bolts
Foundation Bolts
Central Lubrication System
A/C. Cooler for Electrical Cabinet
Chip Enclosure
Full Chip Enclosure
Workpiece Measurement System
Automatic Tool Length Measurement System
4th Axis Rotary Table
Chip Conveyor (Chain Type)
Chip Conveyor (Wiper Type)
Dual Chip Augers (Screw Type)
Mechanical, Electrical & Operating Manuals
Optical Scale
Oil-mist Coolant System
Oil-mist Collector
Coolant Through Spindle System
Spindle Coolant System
Hi/Low Gearbox
Oil Skimmer
Oil Hole Holder Function
Circular Coolant Nozzle
Tool Unclamping Pedal
Elongating Portal Base for 250mm
STC Plus
*Universal Milling Head/1,500rpm
*90° Angle Milling Head/2,000rpm
*30° Angle Milling Head/ 2,000rpm
*45° Angle Milling Head/2,000rpm
*Extension Milling Head/2,000rpm
*Z-axis Travel 1,016mm
90° Angle Head / 4,000 rpm (AHC)
Vertical/ Horizontal Arm Type Automatic Tool Change
CNC Control:MXP-200FA
CNC Control:MXP-200FB
CNC Control:MXP-200FC
CNC Control:TNC640
NDC2016B NDC3016B NDC3018-AHC
NDC2016B NDC3016B NDC3018-AHC
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