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Equipped with ROBO I, YCM-made high performance universal milling head, DCV4030B-5AX is specialized for applications demanding complex machining such as aerospace, automotive, medical and energy industries.
5AX ROBO I Achieves Perfect 3D Contouring Operations
▲ High rigidity symmetrical fork type structure design minimizes heat deformation during heavy cutting applications.
▲ The main structure is made of superior nodular graphite cast iron.
▲ High dynamic universal milling head, built-in motorized spindle with HSK-A100 taper offers max. spindle speed 10,000rpm.
▲ Coolant through spindle system: 20 bar.
▲ Superb spindle coolant system.
High Rigidity B/C Axis
▲ Direct drive motor design delivers high torque, low backlash and perfect clamping capacity.
▲ HEIDENHAIN encoder enhances the cutting accuracy.
▲ Disc type hydraulic clamping device.
▲ Rotary joint design prevents the damage on the hydraulic tubes caused during rotation.
▲ Double direction roller bearings for perfect cutting rigidity.
▲ Superb spindle coolant system.
Superb Body Structure & X/Y/Z Guideways Designs
▲ Massive MEEHANITE® casting through FEM analysis offers exceptional damping capacity.
▲ Direct drive gearbox design on X/Y/Z axis offers smooth axial response, high torque, and low backlash.
▲ Extra wide column base with boots design.
▲ Equipped with roller type guideways and numerous slider blocks for great load capacity and cutting rigidity.
▲ 5-axis simultaneous control by HEIDENHAIN iTNC530 HSCI increases efficiency, tool life, and cutting accuracy.
▲ Tool center point management [TCPM], dynamic collision monitoring [DCM] and DFX converter (opt.).
▲ Program memory hard disk with 21GB.
▲ smarT.NC.
● Standard;○ Selectivity;─ No More;★ Customize
Spindle Speed (opt.) rpm 10,000  
Max. Spindle Motor Power kW 46  
Spindle Taper HSK A100  
X-axis Travel mm 4,065  
Y-axis Travel mm 3,500  
Z-axis Travel (opt.) mm 1,016  
Distance Between Spindle Nose & Table Top mm 270-1,286  
Distance Between Spindle Center & Table Top mm 650-1,666  
Distance Between Columns mm 3,100  
Table Size mm 4,100 x 2,400  
No. T-Slots x Size x Pitch mm 11 x 28 x 200  
Max. Load on Table kg 20,000  
Rapid Feedrate (X/Y/Z) m/min 20/20/15  
Cutting Feedrate mm/min 15/15/10  
Tool Magazine Capacity (opt.) T 40 (60/120)  
Max. Tool Weight kg 13  
Max. Tool Dimensions mm ø125 x 350    
Pneumatic Supplier kg/c㎡ 5.5  
Power Consumption (Transformer) kVA 117(120)  
Machine Weight kg 58,500  
The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the design, specifications, mechanisms, etc. to improve the performance of the machine without notice. All the specifications shown above are just for reference.
Tool Kit
Work Light
Pilot Lamp
Coolant Equipment System
Spindle Air Blast
Cutting Air Blast
Chip Conveyor(Chain Type)
Chip Conveyor(Scraper Type)
Leveling Blocks and Bolts
Central Lubrication System
Heat Exchanger for Electrical Cabinet
A/C. Cooler for Electrical Cabinet
Full Chip Enclosure
Chip Enclosure (Extra Guard Frame on Door and Window)
Chip Enclosure
Workpiece Measurement System
Auto Tool Length Measurement System
4th Axis Rotary Table
Oil Skimmer
Dual Screw Type Chip Augers
Mechanical, Electrical & Operating Manuals
Rigid Tapping
Foundation Bolts
Optical Scale
Oil-mist Coolant System
Spindle & Gearbox Coolant System
Coolant Through Spindle System
Unclamp Pedal
Hi/Low Gearbox
Oil Hole Holder Function
Automatic Door
Heavy Duty Coolant Pump
Oil-air Lubrication System
Linear Motor Cooling System
Oil-mist Lubrication System
Air Gun
CNC Control:FANUC 18i-MB
CNC Control:MXP-200FB
CNC Control:MXP-200FC
CNC Control:FANUC 31i
*90° Angle Milling Head/2,000rpm
*30° Angle Milling Head/ 2,000rpm
*Extension Milling Head/2,000rpm
*Universal Milling Head/1,500rpm
*Z-axis Travel 1,016mm
*250mm Raised Column
STC Plus
The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the design, specifications, mechanisms, etc. to improve the performance of the machine without notice. All the specifications shown above are just for reference.
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