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Ultra-Stable and Highly Rigid Box-Type Base Structure
▲The box-type design offers a ultra-wide base structure, high quality MEEHANITE® casting iron, oversized hardened, and ground boxed ways to ensure the best machining performance by eliminating structural distortion and deformation under heavy machining conditions.
▲The revolutionary base design separates chip and coolant from the base structure. Thus, it minimizes thermal distortion of machine base caused by high temperature of chips and coolant. The GT series also includes a standard chip conveyor that can be installed either from the rear or side of the machine depending on your factory layout.
Versatile Tailstock Design
▲The tailstock is supported by hardened and ground boxed ways that is structurally on-piece with the machine base, which ensures the best structural rigidity.
▲The oversized quill supports heavy work pieces while maintaining machining accuracy.
▲Optional rotary quill is ideal for high-speed, high production environment.。
High Productivity Enhancements
▲Optional Automatic tool length measurement
▲Optional Automatic bar-feeder system
▲Optional Automatic parts catcher and transfer system
The GT series is ideal for high productivity turning and milling with exceptional speed, power, and capacity.
▲Oversized hardened and ground box ways, ballscrew, and bearings are essential requirements for enhancing the axial and radial cutting rigidity.
▲High torque spindle motor provides the necessary power for roughing operation on tough material at low spindle speed.
Heavy-Duty Spindle Design and Durable Hydraulic Chuck
▲High quality chuck with powerful hydraulic system ensures machining rigidity and accuracy.
▲Pressure sensors are added to hydraulic system for monitoring clamping force of chunk, assuring the proper clamping of heavy parts.
Unique Quill-Type Spindle Cartridge
▲All spindles are strictly assembled in temperature controlled room, and proven through rigorous run-in test to assure highest quality and reliable.
▲The unique quill-type spindle cartridge is designed for easy maintenance and repair if necessary.
High Precision Bearings
▲Oversized dual roller spindle bearings are used in both the front and the rear of the spindle to provide optimal spindle rigidity that is capable of handling 10mm cutting depth on hard material.
Comprehensive Thermal Control System
▲The spindle headstock is symmetrically designed with radial configuration for the best heat reduction.
▲Reinforced ventilation is located throughout the spindle head to minimize thermal growth.
▲Effective exhaust fans are installed on the spindle headstock to remove the heat generated from long running hours.
▲High performance piston pump and radiation system are added to control the temperature of hydraulic oil, which minimizes the thermal impact of hydraulic system.
▲Isolated coolant tanks eliminate the effect of high coolant temperature after long running hours, which reduces structural deformation.
▲The spindle motor sits outside of the machine base to isolate the heat generated from spindle motor after long operations.
▲Low heat generated work lamp is installed to minimize temperature impact.
● Standard;○ Selectivity;─ No More;★ Customize
Model GT-250A
Swing Over Bed mm ø550  
Swing Over Carriage mm ø420  
Max. Turning Diameter mm ø350  
Max. Turning Length mm 560  
Distance Between Center mm 700  
Height Between Spindle Center and Ground mm 1,060  
Chuck Size 8''  
Spindle Nose A2-6  
Front Bearing Diameter mm ø110  
Hole Through Spindle mm ø62  
Hole Through Draw Tube mm ø52  
Spindle Speed (opt.) rpm 4,500  
Max. Spindle Torque kgf-m 34.4  
C-axis Index Accuracy —  
X-axis Travel mm 195 (175+20)  
Z-axis Travel mm 560  
Rapid Feedrate(X/Z) m/min. 20/24  
Cutting Feedrate mm/min. 1~10,000  
Max. Spindle Motor Power kW 15  
Axial Motor (X/Z) kW 2.5 / 2.5  
Turret Motor kW 1.2  
VDI Live Tool Motor kW —  
Type of Index Servo Hydraulic Control (Hydraulic Clamp)  
Turret Tool Magazine Capacity (opt.) 12  
Shank Height for Square Tool mm □25  
Shank Diameter for Boring Bar mm ø40  
Swing Over Turret mm ø585  
Tailstock Quill Taper-Dead Center(std.) MT-5 (Fixed Type)  
Tailstock Quill Taper-Live Center(opt.) MT-4 (Rotary Type)  
Tailstock Quill Diameter mm ø100  
Tailstock Quill Stroke mm 100  
Tailstock Stroke mm 440  
Power Consumption(Transformer) kVA 30 (30)  
Machine Weight kg 6,000  
The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the design, specifications, mechanisms, etc. to improve the performance of the machine without notice. All the specifications shown above are just for reference.
Model GT-250A
Tool Kit
Work Lamp
Pilot Lamp
Automatic Door
Safety Door
Hydraulic System
Tool Holder General Tool Holder
Tool Holder VDI Tool Holder
Milling Tool Attachments
Hydraulic Hollow Chuck
Hard and Soft Jaws 1 Set
Additional hard and Soft Jaws
Soft Jaw Former
Collets Chuck
Pedal for Spindle
Pedal for Tailstock
Tailstock Manual Lock
Tailstock Programmable Hydraulic Clamp
Tailstock Stationary Quill Type
Tailstock Live Quill Type
Full Chip Enclosure
Leveling Blocks and Bolts
Foundation Screw Bolt
Air Gun
Air Blast
Coolant Equipment System MTH2-30/3
Coolant Equipment System MTH2-40/4
Coolant Equipment System MTR3-17/17
Coolant Gun
Oil Skimmer
Paper Filter
Oil-mist Collector
Central Lubrication System
Chip Conveyor Right Side
Chip Conveyor Rear Side
Electrical Cabinet Heat Exchanger
Electrical Cabinet A/C. Cooler
Work Length Setter
Tool Length Measurement System
Bar Feeder
Parts Catcher System
Feeder Safety Clutch X
Feeder Safety Clutch Z
Transfer System
CNC Control:TXP-100FA
CNC Control:TXP-200FA
Mechanical Electrical & Operating Manuals
Steady Rest Manual
Steady Rest Hydraulic
The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the design, specifications, mechanisms, etc. to improve the performance of the machine without notice. All the specifications shown above are just for reference.
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