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YCM Invites Worldwide Friends to Participate Her 55th Anniversary Celebration 2009 / 12 / 14

As celebrating the 55th anniversary, YCM starts using her new high-tech green building, raising the curtain on her brand-new headquarters. With the solar energy system to attain power supply for the whole building accompanied with wide-range of transparent widows used and advanced heat insulating technology help to efficiently reduce energy waste. YCM happily invites customers and partners around the world to participate in this grand celebration.

Unique One Piece Flow

In this series of activities, YCM not only invites guests to attend the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the green building, she also takes this opportunity to display her unique product line, one piece flow. By realizing that the power of competitiveness comes from improvement and refinement, YCM carries out YCMPS, Yeong Chin Machinery Production System. In YCMPS, every employee learns the essence of “5S、TPM、TPS” and tries to eliminate all kinds of waste.

After 3 years’ relentless improvement, YCM’s production line has changed from the “push” assembly to pull assembly. The pull assembly is when the succeeding workplace takes the necessary quantity from the preceding workplace, and the preceding workplace will supplement the same amount pieces which have been taken from the succeeding workplace. Coupling with “ First in First out” management approach , the assembly line becomes one piece flow production system.

In addition to one piece flow, quality is another important thing YCM pursuits of. For example, foundry must stock the casting for one month to release internal stress. With the high quality of casting, the machining factory could change mold quickly to accelerate production efficiency. Then the assembly factory utilizes “tact time” and one piece flow to guarantees punctual delivery time, while decreasing inventory (JIT). To survive in the competitive environment, change is the thing people need. YCM is always in pursuit of excellence to strengthen her advantages in the manufacturing industry.

High Productivity and High Efficiency

High productivity and high efficiency are the main concepts of development. To meet the current needs, YCM focuses on developing multi-axes machine tools and advancing her products with more functions. This year in the 55th anniversary, YCM displays her fruitful achievements.

The combination of DCV4035B and ROBO 1 is a great proof of YCM outstanding in-house productivity. This perfect combination is especially suitable for aerospace and complex machining applications. In the field of green energy industry, YCM will keep developing much larger double column machining centers for industries, such as solar energy and wind power. In addition to ROBO 1 and DCV4035B, YCM also displays other powerful products, EROWA mechanical arm, FX380 5-axis vertical machining center and FV50T drilling & tapping center.

YCM Traditional Skill – Scraper Work

Scraper work is the central skill of manufacturing industry. In YCM brand-new showroom, people are going to see the display of her sophisticated scraper work. YCM emphasizes that each smooth surface, straight line and perfect circle of the machine tools is achieved by this priceless traditional skill.

The first class of YCM new employees is the training of scraper work. Every YCM employee must understand clearly about the skill and reach the high standard of scraper work, 40% contact rate in every inch square.

In the history of more than 50 years, scraper work has been always recognized as the central skill. By refining this skill, YCM scraper work has already become a kind of art which gives YCM machine tools highest quality. Without limits, YCM will be continuously in pursuit of excellence and offer customers the most reliable products.

In Pursuit of Excellence; Always Improving and Refining

In YCM’s brand-new showroom, customers can see a wide range of machines, such as vertical machining center, CNC lathe, Wire Cut EDM and so on. Among them, YCM honorably displays her first worldwide selling turret type milling machine developed in 1975. With the latest product, ROBO1, YCM makes customers around the world convinced of impressive in-house productivity.

YCM completely displays her innovation and history in her 55th anniversary celebration. The new product released this time is representative of YCM breakthrough of in-house productivity which makes customers around the world convinced of YCM excellent ability.

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