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YCM NFP 500A-5AX - Full 5-Axis Double Column Vertical Machining Center




▲ Material: 17-4 Stainless steel
▲ Suitable for tough and hard-to-machine materials
▲ Simultaneous 5-axis machining application
▲ Profile accuracy: 0.1 mm

Tire Mold
▲ Material: A6061
▲ The reinforced body structure ensures the highest stability during high speed movement.
▲ Surface roughness: Ra1.0 um
▲ Smooth surface: Ra0.5 um



Spindle Design

▲ 24,000 rpm Built-in motorized spindle is powered by a 22.5 kW motor.
▲ Low vibration and optimal head isolation reduces thermal deformation resulting in excellent finishes while maximizing both spindle and tool life under hard milling conditions.
▲ Double contact spindle taper ensures heavy-duty cutting performance and machining accuracy.
▲ Highly reliable helical disc spring design for better spindle balance and life.
▲ Rear bearing floating design decreases thermal deformation at high speed.
▲ Design for dynamic balance of spindle provides ultimate cutting rigidity.
▲ Micro oil-air lubrication system minimizes thermal deformation and prolongs spindle life.



Structure Design


▲ Mill-turn functions as an option, allowing the complete machining of prismatic parts in a single set up, improving efficiency and accuracy.
▲ With optional built-in mill/turn spindle feature, shaft is positioned by Hirth coupling to achieve the best rigidity during machining.
▲ Include several thermal suppression features that help to minimize offset errors during long, or aggressive 5-axis machining cycles.
▲ Comprehensive cooling system for DD motor, bearing housing, motor seat, spindle and ball-nut.



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