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YCM NH 500AW - High Production 2-Pallet Horizontal Machining Center

 Spindle Design

▲ Equipped with 37 kW built-in spindle motor that rotates at 15,000 rpm and outputs 308 Nm of torque.
▲ Ceramic bearings and oil-air lubrication help to improve overall machining accuracy while providing long spindle life.
▲ The spindle cooling system effectively minimizes thermal deformation.



Structure Design


▲ Stepped-type casting and big span of X-axis
▲ High rigidity T-shape foundation and dual-wall column design
▲ 3-point support




▲ One-piece way cover effectively keeps chips and coolant away from the ballscrews and guideways.
▲ Quick and smooth chip discharge with saddle-mounted washer.


Machine Design

Automatic Pallet Changer with 2 Pallets

▲ Automatic pallet changer with 2 pallets as a standard feature
▲ Stable and reliable AC servo-driven pallets charger
▲ Up to 500 kg load capacity on each pallet
▲ Max. working envelope: ø800 mm x 1,000 mm
▲ Discharging hydraulic jet pallet indexing system


Automatic Pallet Changer with 6 Pallets

▲ Automatic pallet changer with 6 pallets as an option.
▲ 6-APC is driven by a stable and reliable servo motor which the speed can be adjustable.
▲ Up to 500 kg workpiece weight can be supported when transferring from one to another pallet
▲ Suitable for large workpieces up to ø800 mm x 1,000 mm.



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