Superb Body Structure

  • With the unique T-base structure, the machine footprint can be reduced effectively.
  • Overhang-free table movement is supported by high-rigidity base to ensure the best dynamic accuracy.
  • Dual screw-type chip augers efficiently elevate chip removal rate.
  • Massive MEEHANITE® casting through FEM analysis offers exceptional damping capacity.
Superb Body Structure

YCM In-house IDD Spindle

  • Reduces noise, backlash and vibration issues and maximizes spindle accuracy and life.
  • YCM's uniquely designed IDD Spindle ensures direct transmission and is proven to maximize both spindle and tool life under harsh working environment.
  • The cooling system for spindle motor seat and spindle makes real time control of spindle temperature.
  • The oil-air lubrication system ensures long-term high-speed operation.
YCM In-house IDD Spindle

High Reliability Axial Movement

  • All axes are equipped with roller type linear guideways to ensure higher dynamic accuracy, durability and rigidity.
  • Preload high precision ball screws are directly driven by servo motor will efficiently eliminate axial backlash and vibrations.
  • X-axis with 6 guideway blocks fully supports the saddle and efficiently releases loading from the table.
  • Y-axis is designed with 3 guideways maintaining exceptional dynamic accuracy.

Efficiency-friendly Design

  • The casting rigidity is enhanced through FEM analysis.
  • Roller type guideways provides low friction which reduces energy waste.
Efficiency-friendly Design

Z-axis Dual Driven

  • Increases the feedrate and acceleration/deceleration.
  • High response axial control provide smooth movement.
  • Low inertia avoids vibration during high speed feedrate.
  • Dual drive system on Z-axis elevates exceptional axial smoothness and machining efficiency, and ensures fine surface roughness.
  • Up to 15,000 rpm (HSK A100) spindle is available to meet different machining demands.
Z-axis Dual Driven


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