IDD Direct Drive Dual Spindle Design

  • High precision ceramic ball bearing with low centrifugal force, low vibration and very little heat growth, to assure the optimal cutting performance under high speed machining.
  • Reliable helical disc spring design prolongs the spindle life.
  • Simultaneous tool change with IDD spindle, T-T: 1.1 sec. only

Highly Increase Production Capacity, Tremendously Reduces Cost

  • High precision, high production with minimum floor space realizes tremendous cost-down.
  • With more than 60% production capacity compared to tapping machine with the same size.
  • Optional rotary table for multi-face milling, drilling, and tapping Works
Highly Increase Production Capacity, Tremendously Reduces Cost

Efficient Chips Removal Design

  • Slanted bed structure design speeds the chip and coolant removal, preventing chips from accumulating inside of the machine.
  • Wide chip tank design can increase the chip removal capacity.
Efficient Chips Removal Design


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