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YCM Launches UV650-FlexCell Intelligent Multi-axis Flexible Manufacturing System at TIMTOS x TMTS 2022

The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has already led to a major health crisis in several countries and major disruptions of the global economy. It is expected a major reshuffling of the global production network. As a result, the pandemic is speeding up the adoption of automation and localization of production. By understanding customer needs, YCM innovates a whole new UV650-FlexCell, which integrates 5-axis vertical machining center with a flexible manufacturing system. With the consolidation of smart automation, smart machine, and smart management, we aim to help customers overcome unprecedented challenges resulting from the epidemic.

UV650-FlexCell Intelligent Multi-axis Flexible Manufacturing System

Equipped with a robot, the flexible manufacturing cell offers automatically side loading and unloading from part storage to machine. It is ideal for shops that don’t have a lot of space, but want to maximum productivity right out of the box. Thanks to the flexible design, the part storage, drawer unit, automatic measuring system and more that can be adjusted in response to changing demand patterns, providing excellent flexibility and practical value that is suitable for various types of machines.

The advanced UV650 5-axis vertical machining center provides excellent cutting performance and high accuracy for simultaneous 5-axis application with just one setup. Designed to reduce part handling, setup and overall lead-time, while improving part quality, precision and surface finish of complex shapes and contours required for multiple industries such as job shop, medical, aerospace, and die & mold.

UV650-FlexCell is equipped with an YCM-made built-in spindle with rotation of up to 24,000 rpm and maximum power of 22.5 kW, which allows machining of the toughest materials, while also providing with fine surface finishes. The UV650 also features an ø650 mm diameter B/C type tilt-rotary table that can support medium-to-large workpieces with a maximum weight of up to 300 kg. 40-tool ATC is included as a standard and 48, 60-tool ATCs as options. The configurations give more tooling to tackle complex parts that have varying profiles. By utilizing user friendliness perspective, it allows easy operation access and ensures a compact footprint for the plant where floor space is limited or comes at a premium.

Smart Manufacturing Solutions

In response to ever increasing in global competition in manufacturing, we proudly present YCM Smart Manufacturing Solutions. The first key element is smart automation. By integrating industrial robots, intelligent machine tools, automatic measurement, statistical analysis, and central control systems, YCM is capable of providing automated solutions designed to improve production output with less manpower and facilitate improved collaboration between human and machine.
Secondly, it is identified as a smart machine that the vital sensors are strategically placed throughout the machine. After the big data analytics and cloud based real-time monitoring, the intelligent software from iCube and advanced hardware will work in unison.

Furthermore, the plants manager and owners can smartly manage her shop as applying DZ Connect. This system will connect all your equipment and provide real-time analysis of live data from the production environment. And you can easily track production status, manage factory utilization and monitor your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

About YCM

Founded in 1954, YCM (Yeong Chin Machinery Industries Co. Ltd.) specializes in machine tool manufacturing. YCM machine tools have been recognized worldwide for superior precision, outstanding rigidity and exceptional reliability fulfilling the industry’s diverse requirements. For more information on YCM's products and solutions, visit www.YCMCNC.com


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