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YCM Wins Supreme Excellence Award of Taiwan Machine Tools Industry Award 2017

YCM has been known for its aim at technological innovation, and its latest product “NFP 500A-5AX-T Smart Multi-tasking Mill/Tum Machining Center” proved the significant success of YCM's innovation and quality by winning the Supreme Excellence Award of Taiwan Machine Tools Industry Award 2017 for Excellence in Research and Innovation.


The awarded 5-axis mill/turn machining center with APC is designed to meet the high accuracy requirement of aerospace application. With improved rigidity and torque, the new machine is capable to machine heat resistant metal such as titanium and inconel while increasing tool life. This machine also feature our latest iPros MX intelligent CNC Controller. The new controller includes smart functions that will automatically optimize machining efficiency, maximize your tool life and instantly monitor the health of your machine.


We also displayed a flexible machining system that offers customers lights out machining. The automated cell features highly flexible and robust robot arm that efficiently load and unload pallets from your pallet stacker to your machine. After the machining process is completed, the robot arm automatically transfers the pallet to online CMM to perform dimensional measurements. Any errors detected will be sent to machine controller for automatic compensation to assure quality control.


The latest IoT solution called i-Direct will also be presented. With the new i-Direct IoT platform, shop managers and owners can easily track production status, manage factory utilization and monitor your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). It allows you identify the bottlenecks of your production process and allows you to continuously improve your productivity. The i-Direct platform also allows you to link all your equipment with various CNC controller and machine types, including manually operated equipment. The i-Direct IoT platform will give you the visibility you need to be profitable.


To provide customer the necessary tool to jump to the next industry 4.0 level, we focus on two areas. First, our i-Direct IoT platform allows customer to monitor and manage their shop in real time. Secondly, we continue to develop intelligent function in our machines to optimize the performance and life of the equipment. Intelligent spindles and drive systems automatically enhance machining time, while minimizing machining vibration to achieve best surface finish and tool life. The intelligent functions will also monitor the health of your equipment and predict future failure of spindle and drive system that allows scheduled maintenance to prevent sudden failure of your equipment that disrupts you production.


“Sustainable development, Becoming one of the top value machine tool manufacturers in the world” has been the vision of YCM. We will offer automated solutions as well as jig and fixture design. With the continuing development of our i-Direct IoT platform, we will keep pursuing intelligent production systems and software for customer to manage their shop with ease. YCM will also continue to develop multi-axis and multi-functional machining centers that will drastically improve customer productivity with smaller floor space that allows customers to make more with less.




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