Expert Consult

By understanding your cutting requirements, YCM professtional team can conduct accurate CPK analysis to suggest a more effective plant layout that you can take greater control in qualification and productivity with your products.

A. Assessment (Please note that prices may vary depending on the service you have chosen)
  1. Achievability:
  2. Estimated Processing Time:
  3. CP/CPK Analysis
B. Trial Production and Inspection

As a reliable machine tool manufacturer, YCM will satisfy you by providing actual cutting information before and after purchase. Guarantee you have got a right choice of YCM machine tools.

  • ▲ Stability and CP/CPK are demonstrated in practical processing.

  • ▲ Cutting demo

Integrated Service

We provide a full range of total solutions service to assist you in ERP and performance enhancement, for instance: add-valued product application, automated plant layout, jig/fixture design, etc.

a. Machine Tools Selection
  • Vertical Machining Center

  • 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center

  • Double Column Vertical Machining Center

  • Horizontal Machining Center

  • CNC Turning Center

b.Jig/Fixture Design

(i) Optional:

  • ▲ Pneumatic Gripper

  • ▲ Hydraulic Jig

  • ▲ Magnetic chuck


(ii) Customized:

  • ▲ Hydraulic jig for 4-axis machine

  • ▲ Hydraulic Jig for 5-axis machine

  • ▲ Hydraulic Jig

c. Automation Planning

(i) Automation Planning


(ii) Automation Solutions

Single machine automation, Flexible manufacturing system, multiple machine automation, Automated production line

  • ▲ Flexible Manafacturing System (FMS)

  • ▲ Production Line Automation


(iii) Customized CNC Control System

Smart Management

In response to new era of smart factory, YCM developes a state-of-art Iot solution - i-Direct which is defined as a production line monitoring system providing instant production status that enables plant operators to easily track regardless of time and distance.


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