YCM invested a great deal of resources and man power in innovating its manufacturing technology. The specialized facility of foundry is transplanted from Germany and produces rigid Meehanite® casting iron.

With the imported high-level equipments from Germany, YCM guarantees customers excellent quality of machine parts. The whole machining line is completed in a temperature-controlled environment to maintain outstanding quality and accuracy.

Each casting piece passes various tests, such as high-pressure spray, annealing furnace, and stress release to assure its stability.

Machining Facility

YCM involves self-made machine tools in its production line. It is the most direct way to demonstrate capability of YCM machine.


To fulfil the large-scale manufacturing requirements in various industries, YCM examines every single part of workpieces under environmental climate control.


As spindle is the core of the machines, YCM underscores the importance of its development and production. YCM has been awarded the certificate of the ISO-9001 Quality Assurance System authorized by Bureau of Standard, the Ministry of Economy Affair in Taiwan, as the first Taiwanese manufacturer to achieve such a certificate.

Production Process

The assembly line divided into different steps is applied in YCM by its breathtaking innovation. Each step has unique tasks and personnel assembling CNC machinery. By doing so, the assembly line is easily managed, guarantees punctual delivery time, while decreasing inventory (JIT).

Scraper Work Skill

The Art of Hand Scraping

Smoother · Straighter ·Perfection

The CNC metal scraper craftsmanship is considered one of the greatest assets in machine tool industry. To make the surface perfectly flat and smooth, we repeatively check and scrap by hand with time-proven techniques that passed on to generations. At YCM, we strictly enforced that all our contact surfaces must be scrapped with at least 20 spots per square inch and 40% of contact rate.


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