Service Promise

YCM has an experienced service team standby at all times. To do our best, service you on expert system online day and night and assist you with high-quality service and professional techniques support while facing the rapid development of science and technology.

To shorten the shut-down time, our local service team will solve your problems immediately to achieve our commitment of "1, 8, 36" which means respond to your requirement in an hour, arrive to the plant in 8 hours and complete in 36 hours. We devote ourselves to dispatching technicians to the spot in the shortest time to solve problems.


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Technical Training

YCM designed a series of professional training lessons for you, and customizes lessons if needed.

A.Training in factory
In YCM's factory, we'll offer a complete learning lessons to you. the weekly lessons included programming design, base operation, machining DIY, maintenance, etc.

Besides, we also provide other lessons for you to choose:
1. Controller operation instruction
2. Machine daily maintenance instruction
3. Trouble shooting instruction
4. Application techniques discussion
B.Client-side teaching
If still unfamiliar with the machine after delivering, YCM could dispatch personnel to the client-side to teach.

Customer Service

YCM provide machine predictive, preventive, periodicity and emergency service to make sure machines can reach the best availability and performance. Assist customers to achieve the most reliable production efficacy and offer win-win service contract, maximize customers profit of device investment.

Service as follows:
1. Preventive maintenance
2. Calibration and diagnostic service
3. Product support
4. Additional Fuction added
5. Spindle repairment and replacement
6. Machine repositioning
7. Machine repairment
8. Service contract

Spare Parts

YCM consists in providing you the real-time material service through rapid material ordering and distribution system. We offer more than twelve thousands spare parts for you to choose. No matter you'd like to purchase new parts or relace the old with new, we'll send them to you as soon as possible to shorten the shut-down time.


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