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YCM Debuts All-new Intelligent Multi-axis Flexible Manufacturing System

In response to the theme of TIMTOS 2019 which focuses on "Industry 4.0 & Smart Manufacturing", YCM will showcase the smart manufacturing system with smart automation, smart machine and smart management, enabling the shop floor to be highly intelligent.

At TIMTOS 2019, YCM launches the all-new NFX800B-MPS, multi-axis flexible manufacturing system, with a number of patents and advanced technologies is particularly suited to efficient manufacture of geometrically complex and high-accuracy parts in aerospace industry. To achieve highest productivity and efficiency, it features 5-axis machining in one clamping in a smaller footprint. Also, it provides an ultimate solution against thermal issue to maintain high stability during long-time machining.

To bring more competitive advantages along the entire value chain, there are 3 elements of smart factory applied in NFX800B-MPS. First of all, the most vexing problems will be solved with smart automation as its 5-axis rotary table equipped with accurate jaw system. It allows multiple pallets change that enhances the flexibility in automated module applications. Secondly, it is identified as a smart machine that the vital sensors are strategically placed throughout the machine. After the big data analytics and cloud based real-time monitoring, the intelligent software from iPros MX and advanced hardware will work in unison. Furthermore, the plants manager and owners can smartly manage her shop as applying YCM's latest IoT solution i-Direct. This system will connect all your equipment and provide real-time analysis of live data from the production environment. And you can easily track production status, manage factory utilization and monitor your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

NFX800B-MPS, with sophisticated structure design and smart manufacturing solutions, achieves the ultimate in machining accuracy, performance and operating convenience. This is undoubtedly the best value-added product to your business.


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