The Best Force Flow T-base Design

  • The unique T-base structural design has been awarded a patent from Taiwan, China and the U.S.A. Its overhang free table movement is supported by highly rigid MEEHANITE® castings to ensure the best dynamic leveling accuracy, machining rigidity and durability.
  • The long travel of X-axis lies on the top of the base, where the saddle moves along the full stroke; the cross Y-axis saddle supports the work table.
  • The T-base rigid structure has full stroke support and do not have overhang problem guarantees the most dynamic leveling accuracy.
The Best Force Flow T-base Design

High Rigidity Axial Movement

  • All axes are equipped with hardened and precision ground integrated square guideway with durable Turcite-B lubrication coating.
  • Sophisticated scraper work guarantees the best contact and perfect surface of the components to assure flawless accuracy.
  • Sufficient support areas of all guideways give the best damping capacity and gain the best cutting rigidity.
  • All precise ballscrews are pre-tensioned and directly coupled with powerful servo motors to reduce backlash and ensure the best accuracy.
  • Inner-rail design on Z-axis ensures smooth movement of the headstock during heavy cutting performance. And the counter weight of Z-axis headstock is secured by guide bar to minimize machining vibration.
  • The Y-axis is equipped with 4 guideways to gain the best support and forceflow.
High Rigidity Axial Movement

Fast & Reliable ATC System

  • Number of tool posts in magazine can be selected for 24T/32T/40T.
  • The arm type ATC sysstem is driven by roller gear cam to increase the work efficiency.
Fast & Reliable ATC System

Humanized Operation Panel

  • The swivel operation panel of appropriate height and clear modular switches can be operated easily.
  • Clearly display the signals and alarm messages.
  • Detachable MPG handwheel is installed for operational convenience.
Humanized Operation Panel

Hi-Speed, Hi-Power Spindle Design

  • Standard gearhead spindle of maximum of 6,000 rpm high-speed with the maximum of 18.5 kW 25 HP power output and 48.04 kgf-m 347.48 lb-ft torque.
  • Spindle speed of up to 10,000 rpm with IDD (Isolated Direct Drive) design, coupled with oil lubrication that can lower heat deviation, improve spindle accuracy and extend bearing life. Max. spindle power 22 kW 30 HP without gearbox, electric speed shift with spindle motor, maximum torque of 36.03 kgf-m 260.61 lb-ft (option).
  • The quill type spindle housing is with cooling system to assure the best temperature control of the spindle head, and for the best machining results.
  • Deployed with precise angular contact ceramic ball bearings for extra axial and radial rigidity to fit the requirements of heavy cutting.
Hi-Speed, Hi-Power Spindle Design


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