High Rigidity Structural Design

  • Adopted consistent production process, box guideway type models with high shock absorption and wear resistance, are the best for heavy cutting.
  • The rigid body construction makes for uncompromising precision and rigidity.
  • Finite Element Method analysis (FEM) is adopted to simulate the structural deformation of the body under various conditions, integrated with YCM hand scrapping skills for box guideways, which ensures the best accuracy and life.
  • Boxway design on three axis is suitable for heavy cutting.
  • The wide span 800 mm Y-axis with rigid dual-wall saddle design fully supports table movement.
  • No counter weight on Z-axis provides the best dynamic accuracy.
High Rigidity Structural Design

YCM In-house IDD Spindle

  • Symmetrical Head Stock design homogeneously absorbs the thermal expansion and avoids thermal deformation.
  • High precision ceramic ball bearing with low centrifugal force, low vibration and low coefficient of thermal expansion.
  • Tool unclamping cushion design extends spindle bearing life by protecting spindle bearing from tool unclamping force.
  • 12,000 rpm direct-drive spindle features high precision helical springs for excellent balance, suitable for parts machining.
  • The optional 8,000 rpm spindle design incorporates gear transmission is capable of reaching 45.04 kgf-m 325.78 lb-ft torque; perfect for casting and titanium machining.
  • The optional 10,000 rpm spindle combines with gear transmission for heavy cutting. Even using the small-diameter tools for high speed cutting can achieve refined machining roughness (Spindle cooling system: std.)
YCM In-house IDD Spindle

High Stability Tool Magazine

  • The bi-directional tool selection design takes the shortest random path.
  • The standard tool magazine is equipped with 24T, for more machining demands, the tool magazine can be expanded to 30T/40T.
  • Absolute encoder and inventor control in ATC improve the tool change time 1.8 sec. only.
  • Tool change speed can be adjustable.
High Stability Tool Magazine

Automatic Tool Magazine Door Design

  • Pneumatic cylinder driven.
  • Prevent coolant and chips from entering tool magazine.
Automatic Tool Magazine Door Design

The Z-axis is outside support design

  • The best L/W ratio.
  • Secure the utmost cutting rigidity.
  • The Z-axial movement is very smooth.
The Z-axis is outside support design

Brand New Exterior Design

  • Full enclosure exterior (including top cover).
  • Convertible side window for convenient chip removal.
  • Aesthetic rear cover design.
  • Smooth chip removal.
  • Dual chip augers combined with chip conveyor for fast chip disposal (opt.)
Brand New Exterior Design


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