Reinforced Body Structure

  • Wide span design of machine structure.
  • High efficiency traveling column design.
  • Large delta machine column and base ensure highest stability.
  • With FEM analysis.
  • With stepped design and 6 slider blocks on X-axis ensure the ultra reliable axial movement.
Reinforced Body Structure

High Performance

  • Large working area is ideal for large and long workpieces machining.
  • With the installation of dividing wall in the working area, both long and complex parts can be manufactured in the same machine.
High Performance

High Efficiency

  • High precision roller type guideways on 3 axes
  • Capable of reaching up to 40 m/min rapid feedrate.
  • Circulated cooling system design on X-axis ensures stable temperature and optimal accuracy.
  • Centroid driven on X-axis to reduce vibration during movement.
  • No counter weight design on Z-axis that lowers vibration while machining and greatly improves surface roughness.
  • The guide blocks support tool magazine to ensure smooth and stable movement.
  • Reliable ATC system: Tool magazine with 40T. (80T opt.)
High Efficiency

Low backlash swivel head and rotary table

  • Max. speed (B-axis): 33.3 rpm
  • Swivel angle (B-axis): ±110° / ±120° (Big torque opt.)
  • Max. speed (C-axis): 50 rpm (FANUC opt.) / 90 rpm (HEIDENHAIN std.)
  • Positioning accuracy (C-axis): <10 sec.
Low backlash swivel head and rotary table

YCM In-House Built-in Spindle

  • The YCM in-house built-in spindle effectively lowers vibration, providing the best surface performance. Meanwhile, it prolongs lifespan of spindle and tools during heavy cutting.
  • BBT40 double contact spindle taper greatly enhances machining accuracy.
  • Up to 16,000 rpm spindle, 50 kW 67 HP outputs and swivel angle 120°, best for heavy cutting. (opt.)
  • Tool shank: HSK A63 (opt.)
YCM In-House Built-in Spindle

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