• Simultenous 5-Axis VMC for Complex Parts

Robust Structure Design

  • High Quality, Rugged MEEHANITE™ Castings – YCM's In-House Foundry follows strict international MEEHANITE standards ensuring high stiffness, rigidity, and vibration dampening that results in superior thermal stability, and cutting performance.
  • Reinforced saddle features provides optimum stiffness, rigidity and stability.
  • Extra wide base and column design enables solid support and excellent cutting performance when machining complex parts at a high feeds and speeds.

Accurate and Thermally

  • Linear scales are mounted in X/Y/Z-axis and encoders in the B & C axis allowing for the most demanding machining accuracies.
  • The X/Y/Z-axis are fitted with high precision roller guideways and fixed pre-tensioned, double-nut, direct drive ballscrews, allowing for fast and accurate machining.
Accurate and Thermally

B/C-axis Rotary Table

  • High precision rotary encoders in the B and C
  • axes as a standard feature, allowing for the most demanding machining accuracies.
  • Durable 2-axis tilt/rotary table allows fast, accurate
  • machining of complex 5-axis components.
  • The tilt-rotary table features a full circular hydraulic braking system that provides rigid B/C-axis clamping during fixed rotary-axis machining applications.
B/C-axis Rotary Table

YCM In-house IDD Spindle

  • The YCM IDD spindle design provides power, speed, and stiffness required for the
  • most adverse machining applications while providing long spindle life.
  • Ceramic bearings help to minimize heat and provide thermal stability improving overall
  • machining accuracy.
  • Powerful 17 kW max. hollow shaft spindle motor – allows machining of the toughest
  • materials, while also providing with fine surface finishes and the ability to add up to
  • CTS 20 bar (1,000 psi) coolant through spindle (CTS) easily.
YCM In-house IDD Spindle

Tool Magazine

  • Chain type 40T magazine as standard
  • Wide selection of optional tool magazine, including 48T / 60T
  • Absolute encoder ATC system tracks tool pot position in the event of a mishap
Tool Magazine

Automatic Tool Changer

  • Tool to Tool time: 1.8 sec.
  • Standard ATC auto door minimizes chips and coolant from entering the tool magazine area.
  • This design incorporates an inverter type cam-box-motor for easy ATC recovery in the event of a mishap. The tool change arm is designed for low inertia allowing precise positioning and long service life.
Automatic Tool Changer

Chip Removal

  • 4-coolant lock lines around the spindle, 2-coolant lock lines on the right side of the spindle, cutting air-blast with 1-lock line on the right side of spindle, coolant gun, and air gun.
  • Standard shower coolant nozzles mounted from the roof and saddle provide optimal chip removal.
  • Efficient chip discharge with steep angle allow unhindered chip flow to the chip conveyor.

User-friendly Operation

  • Large front and right side doors allowing easy reach and unrestricted access.
  • Optional right side automatic door can be selected to combine with robot, gantry, or pallet allowing for automated unmanned operation.
  • The controller allows 145-degree swivel movement and can be operated at the front or right side of the machine.
  • Bellows type roof-top cover ensures chip and coolant containment. The middle section can also be easily and automatically unlatched and moved back on a track
  • when loading heavy parts on the table with an overhead crane.
  • Easy operator access to the tool magazine for the quick change of tools.
User-friendly Operation

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