The Optimal Design and High Rigidity Feed System

  • The 4 million-pulse/rev high-resolution encoders in all axes enable the utmost precision status.
  • The enlarged roller bearing linear motion guides perform extreme rigidity.
  • High load high precision ballscrews ensure high speed high precision axial movements.
  • Fixed volume lubricant distribution system assures comprehensive lubrication.
  • Environmental friendly lubrication-coolant separation design.
  • The symmetry design in castings of base, column and headstock etc. ideally diminishes thermal deformation and ensures accuracy.
The Optimal Design and High Rigidity Feed System

Isolated Direct Drive Spindle

  • Automatic spindle cooling system effectively dissipates heat generated from long runtime through efficient oil cooling circulation.
  • Micro oil-air lubrication system consistently injects micro amount of lubricant to spindle bearings for maximizing spindle life.
  • Highly reliable helical disc spring design ensures optimal spindle balance.
  • Floating cylinder design for tool clamp/unclamp system eliminates unnecessary force on spindle bearings.
  • Perpetual pre-load design reduces the effect of spindle thermal growth under long spindle runtime.
Isolated Direct Drive Spindle


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