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YCM DCV 2018B-5AX - 5-Axis Double Column Vertical Machining Center




Mold Sample
▲ Material: FC
Minimize tool holder lengths to reach those deep cavities with complex shapes.
▲ Avoid tool center area and reduce tool wear.



Built-in Motorized Spindle

▲ B-axis rotating angle: ±110°
▲ C-axis rotation range: ±360°
▲ The universal head with built-in motorized spindle assures accurate and smooth operation.

▲ CTS (Coolant Through Spindle)



Structure Design


▲ High rigidity double column structure
▲ 6 slide blocks on Z-axis
▲ Big span of Z-axis design provides excellent support for horizontal and vertical movement of the headstock.
▲ One-piece base with rib structure design for ultimate rigidity.



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