High Speed High Rigidity Turret

  • The 12-station turret index is done by absolute detection to reduce tool selection mistake.
  • The powerful turret with large diameter curvic coupling offers high precision and high rigidity in cutting performance.
High Speed High Rigidity Turret

Powerful Headstock With Built-in Gears

  • The spindle is equipped with high precision angular ball bearing and NN series bearing that provides high precision and rigidity working condition.
  • The inner diameter of the bearing is ø120mm ø4.72", and ø88mm ø3.46" of the spindle through hole. ø78mm ø3.07" of the drawbar through hole adapts large diameter bar stock jobs.
  • The powerful spindle with built-in gears provides various speed transmissions. The max. output of torque reaches 74.5kgf-m 539 lb-ft, with 4,000rpm max. spindle speed.
  • Material Removal Efficiency: 410cm3/min.
  • Insert Depth: 8mm 0.31"
Powerful Headstock With Built-in Gears

High Precision and High Rigidity Programmable Tailstock

  • Extremely Rigid One-piece 45° Slanted Bed Design
  • Using "M" code commands the quill stroke of the programmable tailstock can be hooked with a hydraulic hook to the saddle carriage and slide along the Z-axis stroke.

High Speed Ultra Smooth Axial Movement

  • X/Z-axis guideways are well hardened and ground with Turcite-B to reduce the friction and offer utmost rigidity in cutting. The rapid feedrate of X/Z-axis is 15/20 m/min. 591/787ipm

User-friendly Operation and Easy Maintenance

  • Hydraulic gauges, control values of chuck and tail stock, and the central lubrication system are installed at the front side; for easy adjustment and maintenance.

Directly Driven Ballscrews Of High Precision And Rigidity

  • This machine is equipped with high precision ball screws and connected with motor directly. The fixing design supports both ends; the design of pre-tensioned ball screws provides high rigidity, high precision, and low heat effect.

Central Lubrication System

  • The machine with auto-lubrication design ensures the accuracy throughout its life time.
  • The slide ways of X/Z-axis and ball screws are lubricated. Built-in alarm will occurred when the lubrication oil is insufficient.


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