Superb Body Structure

  • One-piece Column
  • One-piece Base
Superb Body Structure

High Rigidity Guideways

  • Roller type guideways on X/Y axis
  • Horizontal and vertical support of the headstock
  • Direct drive motors on 3 axes reduce backlash and ensure perfect axial accuracy
  • Three axes adopt highly responsive servo motor, configuring ball screws with direct drive. Measuring with absolute encoder to ensure high rigidity and positioning accuracy without backlash.
  • Z-axis is equipped with roller type guideway and 6 slider blocks to enhance cutting rigidity and smooth movement during 3D contouring operations
High Rigidity Guideways

High Quality Work Table

  • The work table is precisely ground before assembled to ensure DCV series excellent machining results
High Quality Work Table

Built-in Motorized Spindle

  • DCV2012A is equipped with YCM made built-in motorized spindle delivering 20,000rpm high speed. The ultra smooth movement achieves various machining results.
  • Patented circulated cooling system
  • Patented suppressing vibration design
  • Floating design of rear bearing
  • Bearing with micro oil-air lubrication system
  • BBT40 with simultaneous taper and flange contact design
Built-in Motorized Spindle


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