High Rigidity B/C Axis

  • Direct drive motor design delivers high torque, low backlash and perfect clamping capacity.
  • HEIDENHAIN encoder enhances the cutting accuracy.
  • Disc type hydraulic clamping device.
  • Rotary joint design prevents the damage on the hydraulic tubes caused during rotation.
  • Double direction roller bearings for perfect cutting rigidity.
High Rigidity B/C Axis

Superb Body Structure & X/Y/Z Guideways Designs

  • Massive MEEHANITE® casting through FEM analysis offers exceptional damping capacity.
  • Direct drive gearbox design on X/Y/Z axis offers smooth axial response, high torque, and low backlash.
  • Extra wide column base with boots design.
  • Equipped with roller type guideways and numerous slider blocks for great load capacity and cutting rigidity.
Superb Body Structure & X/Y/Z Guideways Designs


  • 5-axis simultaneous control by HEIDENHAIN iTNC530 HSCI increases efficiency, tool life, and cutting accuracy.
  • Tool center point management [TCPM], dynamic collision monitoring [DCM] and DFX converter (opt.).
  • Program memory hard disk with 21GB.
  • smarT.NC.

Unique Isolated Direct Drive Design

  • 10,000rpm IDD spindle is optional to be equipped with DCV series. Driven by 46kW dual step AC digital spindle motor, the spindle is able to reach max. 36.04kgf-m torque output at 500rpm.
  • Unique IDD design offers low spindle vibration and optimal heat isolation that results in excellent accuracy after longterm operation.
Unique Isolated Direct Drive Design

5AX ROBO I Achieves Perfect 3D Contouring Operations

  • High rigidity symmetrical fork type structure design minimizes heat deformation during heavy cutting applications.
  • The main structure is made of superior nodular graphite cast iron.
  • High dynamic universal milling head, built-in motorized spindle with HSK-A100 taper offers max. spindle speed 10,000rpm.
  • Coolant through spindle system: 20 bar.
  • Superb spindle coolant system.
5AX ROBO I Achieves Perfect 3D Contouring Operations


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